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  /  Creativity   /  DIY Hairstyles – do it yourself
DIY Hairstyles

DIY Hairstyles – do it yourself

DIY Hairstyles – do it yourself , few ideas from us to you. Hairstyles with a hair roller are in high demand among women of all ages, because they allow you to beautifully style the strands in a very short time.

Types of rollers:
A roller or bagel is an inexpensive accessory, thanks to which you can create a lot of diverse and beautiful hairstyles.Now there are several types.Each has its own purpose.

Round (donut). The larger the round bagel, the larger the roll will be;
Long – a universal element, without which neither a crust, nor a twist, nor twisted ends can be made. Long rollers often have buttons at the ends – joining them you get a round bagel;
Oval – necessary for retro hairstyles. You can place such an accessory anywhere – so you can create a novelty in your everyday look.
These accessories are made of a lightweight, porous, sponge-like material, and are made in light and dark colors (black and brown), allowing everyone to choose a bagel for their hair color.

DIY Hairstyles – do it yourself!

Donut bun on many ways

donut bun

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