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  /  Creativity   /  Domestic Hair Extensions Part 2
hair extensions

Domestic Hair Extensions Part 2

How long do the hair extension effects last? Can I do Domestic Hair Extensions?
The period of wearing extended hair depends on the chosen method. Hair can be extended once (for a special occasion), but also wear “extensions” of half a year and more.

Can we see that we have extended and thickened hair?
It also depends on the method. The most visible will be hair extended with the clip-on / off, tape or sandwich method. Especially when we try to fasten them. Instead, compaction by injection, laser, mesh or ultrasound gives the most natural effect. The higher the price of hair extensions, the more difficult it is to distinguish between attached and natural hair.

Is hair extensions safe?
Very often the question is asked whether compaction is safe. We expect that it will always be painless and non-invasive hair extensions. And so it is in most cases. However, no one can guarantee us what our hair will look like after a few months of regular beautification. Does extensions damage your hair? The truth about “trailers” is unfortunately not pleasant. In many cases, extensions weaken the hair and accelerate hair loss – thin hair, which is very delicate, does not like this treatment. Artificial strands for each natural hair put an extra load and can weaken the bulbs.


Natural ways to thicken hair at home are a great alternative to a costly treatment. If the price list of hair extensions scares you, you can reach for proven oils. Appropriately tailored oils not only beautify, but also accelerate hair growth, inhibit baldness and cause baby hair to grow.

Hair oiling to thicken is not new at all. Many women get the best from nature. However, it is worth remembering that not every oil accelerates hair growth. Natural oils are ideal, which can be used on the scalp (not essential oils) with properties that stimulate hair growth. Those that strengthen the bulbs.

The favorites are castor oil, burdock oil or Siberian pine oil.

It is also worth choosing the right way to apply the oil – the best method for extending hair at home is scalp oiling combined with a few minutes massage. We can be tempted by oiling with warm oil and ending the sauna sauna treatment because the moisture and higher temperature improve the absorption of nutrients and intensify the action.

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