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curly hair

How to curl hair

1. Curling your hair with curlers or a curler

To have curly hair, just use one of the following methods:
The first way to curly hair – curlers or rollers. Hair should be damp, so gently moisten or dry it after washing. Apply the right amount of gel, mousse or mists to style your hair. Remember that too much cosmetic will weigh the hair down, it will stick and look greasy. To get the effect we want, it is very important to choose the right size of rollers. The larger the rollers, the thicker the curls. Also, the more rollers or curlers you use, the nicer the shape of the twist will be. You should not remove them before the hair is completely dry, because the curls will straighten. You can also use warm hair rollers, which are ideal for dry hair. However, they give the effect of softer curls, which disappear quite quickly.
The second way – a curler or straightener. Curling your hair with a curling iron or a straightener does not require soaking your hair, it is even advised against, as it damages the hair. Curling hair with a straightener requires quite a lot of practice and you should not expect intensely curling hair. Remember that both methods of curling hair can cause a fatal condition of the hair, so the more often you curl your hair in this way, the more intensively take care of their moisturizing. Before applying the curler or straightener, apply a bit of modeling and heat protection cosmetic. This style is unfortunately quite time consuming.

2. Other ways to get curly hair

Braids or knots – this way for curly hair is less time consuming than the above. Hair can be tied after washing the head and applying foam or gel, and before going to bed. Braids and knots are very easy to make, we tie them with elastics. Knots can be clipped with pins, however, it is discouraged if you want to sleep in them. The number of braids and knots depends on what effects you expect. If you want a smaller twist, the number of braids and knots should be larger. The appearance of curls created when curling hair on a finger or after braiding in a braid is characteristic, different than when curling hair on a roller or using a straightener – the curls are more zigzag.
Dryer with a diffuser – after washing your head and drying it with a towel, you can use a dryer with a suitable tip. Remember to use styling and heat protection products. When drying, lower your head down and knead the hair with your hands.

Remember to avoid combing the hair after curling, and above all contact with moisture, which will straighten the hair very quickly. Curly hairstyles are worth fixing, e.g. with strong hairspray.

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