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damaged hair blond

Products for the care of very damaged hair.

How to repair damaged hair – products to use? Often, by eavesdropping on women conversations, one can hear complaints about the condition of their hair, skin or nails. Studies show that despite everything, ladies remain the most dissatisfied with the condition of the hair. Strenuous efforts to make them better often bring the opposite effect to the desired. So how do you take care of your damaged hair? There is many specifics on the market for professional hair care. They work both from inside and outside our body. 

Let’s do a brief review of products and see how to repair damaged hair:

– Shampoos – washing your hair extremely weakens them, so it is worth using regeneration shampoos – full of vitamins and minerals. However, we don’t recommended to use this type of product in the long run. It may cause our hair to become resistant to the specifics.

– Conditioners and masks ( Matrix Bond Ultim8 Travel Kit ) – this is the group of products most recommended when making efforts to rebuild damaged hair. Both conditioners and masks have the strongest effect on the outer layers of the hair by rebuilding its structure. In Vibe Hair Salon we tested and always recommend for clients Matrix Bond Ultim8 Travel Kit. The Bond Protecting System ensures that the hair is protected and the colour is preserved. Bond Ultim8 provides peace of mind for any stylist and satisfaction for clients who are looking for deep conditioned truly nourished hair.

Bond Ultim8 is also the only complete bond protecting system with 8 added benefits:
1. Helps protect bonds during colour and lightening
2. Maintains expected lift
3. No reformulation needed
4. No additional time needed
5. Helps prevent breakage
6. Helps preserve hair fibres
7. Deeply nourishes
8. Hair looks healthier

Ampoules ( Matrix Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil Hair Treatment ) .It is worth investing in this type of regeneration, because it is a kind of rescue for women who have very damaged hair. Above are the most known products used in the case of visible hair weakness. Both shampoos, masks, conditioners and ampoules have a positive effect on the overall appearance and reconstruction of the hairstyle. In Vibe Hair Salon we use and recommend Matrix Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil Hair Treatment which helps stimulate the scalp and prevent collagen from becoming rigid, allowing hair to grow. It is clinically proven to reduce hair loss within just six weeks of use. However, it should be remembered that they should be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. An overdose of individual vitamins or minerals also does not serve our hair.

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