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oily hair

Why I have oily hair?

Have you ever washed your hair in the morning, but in the evening they were greasy?

If your answer is yes, you are probably wondering what is wrong. We’ve collected the best ways to handle greasy hair for you. According to many people, shampoo is the most important care product. This proves how important beautiful hair is to our well-being. Hair needs oil to look healthy and not lose its shine. It protects them from overdrying, against harmful effects of the environment and provides them with elasticity. The main problem is when hair looks greasy even if washed on the same day. It is also interesting that the rest of our hair still has a fresh and clean look. Below are the best ways to deal with oily hair. Check also shampoos we are using in our salon and recommend ( Matrix shampoo Biolage, available to purchase in the salon).

Causes of oily hair.

The cause of oily hair can be excessive production of sebum, i.e. seborrhea of ​​the scalp. It occurs in three forms: ordinary, oily and irreversible seborrhea. If we are dealing with the usual form of seborrhea, then the hair will be greasy after about eight days. Oily seborrhea – after three days the hair is covered with a thin layer of fat. Irreversible seborrhea, the only way to fight it is to wash your hair every day. Oily hair can be the result of improper care, use of unsuitable products, frequent wearing of hats. In addition, hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or stress can also cause greasy hair. However, these changes are usually temporary. How to fight seborrhea – Proper care for oily hair?  The most important role and weapon is a well-chosen shampoo, tonic or ampoules that effectively inhibit dandruff. In stores you can find many good products recommended by the doctors, such as specialist shampoos. Under no circumstances should you wash greasy hair with a shampoo containing oiling substances: oils, silicones or proteins. These substances will aggravate the situation even more by weighting our hair and making it look even more greasy. Massaging the scalp while washing improves blood circulation, which in turn slows down oil production. Even if you have oily hair, you should not use shampoos more often than 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, your scalp and hair will lose too much oil and dry out. Massage shampoo only on the skin and at the roots of the hair. Excessive amount of shampoo will only make them more dry.

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